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Carbon Club

Carbon Club

Carbon Club

Carbon Club is a “Low Carbon” communications network and knowledge transfer hub. It is free to join for public and third sector organisations and key decision makers dedicated to smart cities, environmental projects, sustainability & carbon reduction initiatives from across sectors, regions and even countries. Acting as a catalyst Carbon Club helps members through examples of best practice to seize the opportunities to improve sustainability, reduce carbon while educating how the correct financial investment in things like energy efficiency for government estates and facilities can be used as income generation opportunities to help eradicate measures such as fuel poverty.

Carbon Club will provide members the opportunity to share their carbon reduction and smart cities plans and reach out to fellow members for advice, guidance and support or match make their plans with funding, technology and service providers who are willing to share not just products and service but experience and knowledge which can help support them with their projects.

Carbon Club members can apply for 100% ticket funding free of charge through its unique model. 100’s of its members attend national events and networking dinners ran by 3ppp (Public-Private-Partnerships) on a completely free of charge basis (Usual Cost £999 per delegate)

Levels of Carbon Club Membership:

1) – Carbon Club Digital Members: 

  • Individuals from Public /3rd Sector who cannot physically attend the conference (e.g outside of the UK) or have some involvement and interest in Carbon Reduction & Sustainability, and would benefit from access to the content of the event or Carbon Club support and Newsletters (e.g. members or front line staff or those with associate roles not responsible directly for Carbon Reduction)
  • Digital members have access to view content online plus recordings of the conferences.
  • Receive monthly Carbon Club newsletters.

2) – Carbon Club Gold Members: (For members who are not directly responsible for projects)

  • Access to view digital content online
  • Digital members get to apply for bursary funding from 3ppp Ltd to attend the conferences on a fully funded basis. (Usually £500 per Delegate)
  • Receive monthly Carbon Club newsletters

3) – Carbon Club Platinum Members – Members willing to share information around projects coming up in the next 12 month will receive the following:

  • Access to view digital content online.
  • Ability to contribute to digital content online – News, Press Releases, Best Practice, Video Content
  • Platinum members instantly qualify for a fully funded ticket to attend the conferences. (Usually £500 per conference)
  • Platinum members will have the option to request the opportunity to attend the Carbon Club Annual Networking Dinners, successful members will receive the following (Fully Funded) which includes Drinks Reception, 3 Course Meal, Table Wines and non Alcoholic Drinks) (Tickets usually £500 per delegate)
  • Option to trial new innovations, technologies and services from our Carbon Club partners on a free of charge basis.
  • Options to book 1 to 1 appointments/meetings at the conferences with Carbon Club partners.

Conference & Carbon Club Networking Dinner ticket terms and conditions:

Successful delegates who agree to participate in a fully funded ticket for either the conference or Carbon Club networking dinner will be bound to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Failure to contact a 3ppp Ltd representative by email to cancel your ticket within at least 48hrs before the conference taking place will result in a £500 charge for the registered delegate.
  2. Failure to contact a 3ppp Ltd representative by email to cancel your ticket within at least 7 days before the dinner taking place will result in a £500 charge for the registered delegate.

Example – If you are registered for both the conference and dinner and fail to attend both without abiding to the above terms and conditions you will be charged a total cost of £1000

Who Qualifies for Carbon Club Platinum Membership?:

Public Sector:

  • Local Authorities (Including Councillors)
  • Central Government Departments & Agencies
  • Ministry of Defence
  • NHS Boards & Trusts
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Schools
  • Housing Association & Social Housing
  • Transport Departments
  • Highways
  • Emergency Services – Police, Fire, Ambulance


  • Shopping Centres
  • Outlets
  • Department Stores
  • Supermarket Chains
  • Shops
  • Bars
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants


  • Private Hospitals
  • Hotel Chains
  • Maritime
  • Airports
  • Crown Estates
  • Events & Sports Stadiums
  • Industrial Units
  • Comercial Estates
  • Third Sector
  • Anyone responsible for assets, estates and facilities with live projects that are looking to improve the environmental performance of the projects from private sector would also be considered. (This would need to be approved by a director of 3ppp Ltd)

Post Event Information:

Networking opportunities and support will also exclusively be available for all Carbon Club members post event (all funded). This will be in place to help communicate on-going policy, strategies and targets plus access to up to date finance and funding information and knowledge transfer for new innovations and technologies that will be piloted by Carbon Club members. Full video content of the conferences will be available plus the opportunity to engage in webinars, virtual conferences, and other on going networking opportunities free of charge.

3ppp specifically build conferences around the government departments and delegations problems and needs. We also collate vital information and analytics from the delegation in question whilst offering a platform for private sector organisations to showcase evidence based analysis around new innovations and services which can play an integral role to government targets, strategies and polices by matching public sector needs with private sector capabilities, ultimately creating opportunities towards public, private, partnerships.

Low Carbon Scotland – 28th June 2016:  www.low-carbonscotland.scot 

This year Carbon Club proudly presents our flagship “Low Carbon Scotland” and “Low Carbon Britain” conferences including our Annual Networking Dinner’s that will both address up to date policies, strategies and funding streams available to members to keep them fully informed of the new initiatives that are rising across Europe and beyond today. Both conference’s will also look at highlighting/sharing best practice between public, private and third sector organisations as well as broadening our horizons by focusing on some of the leading sustainability and carbon reduction case studies available across the world to ensure we maximise the opportunity to learn and share from our counterparts in our combined efforts to meet the emissions reduction targets.

The “Low Carbon” conferences will also help to showcase new innovations, technologies, products and services which will help support the public sector and their strategic partners in delivering a low carbon economy that saves money and helps to eradicate fuel poverty and save lives.

Private Sector organisations looking to attend the Low Carbon Conference or the Carbon Club Networking Dinner please contact a member of the 3ppp team on +44 (0)203 794 9273 or email lee@3ppp.co.uk.