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Carbon Club Members will have the opportunity to trial and test products, services and new innovations/technologies on a FREE OF CHARGE basis from private sector partners of the conference to collect (EBA) Evidence Based Analysis which can then be used to educate other Carbon Club Members of their success in a live project environment.



E Rider bikes are kind to the planet. There are no direct emissions and because the transfer of electricity to power is so efficient, it has been calculated that their carbon footprints are less than that of a traditional cyclist or even a pedestrian.

There are practical imperatives as well, the cost of running the E RIDER is less than 1p per mile, making it the cheapest form of motorised transport in the UK by a distance.

We are offering free trials or pilots of our electric bikes to Carbon Club Members. With areas like Scotland looking at the almost complete decarbonisation of their transport emissions by 2050 and significant progress by 2030 through the wholesale adoption of electric cars, vans & bikes. This is an excellent opportunity for Carbon Club members looking to reduce emissions from transport. If you think they may be useful to your organisation we will provide you with a demonstrator free of charge and without obligation to trial and test. Full product specifications and features of the range of E RIDER products can be found on our website: www.eriderbikes.com

The E Rider Model 15 is much safer than a conventional electric bike because it has good LED lighting, mirrors, brake light and audible indicators. It is also much more stable and comfortable than a standard bike and rides smoothly on the road with its hydraulic suspension. It can be ridden by anyone without the need for a licence or insurance so it is a very flexible vehicle.


The E Rider Model 30 is an electric scooter with a classic retro design and has a maximum speed of 30MPH.


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